Charging the Battery

I intend to keep my new Fuse+ in my car.  Can the battery be charged off my car battery (cigarette lighter) using a cell phone charger?  I also have a USB port to the stereo system and, interestingly, I can play the Fuse+ via USB but only the music that came pre-installed, but not music I’ve added or on a slotRadio card.  Is it OK to charge the battery using the car USB port?  Thanks. 

I don’t know about your cell phone’s charger, but Belkin puts out a USB adapter that plugs into a cigarette lighter that I’ve been successful with. It puts out 5V DC/ 1 A I do believe, similar to a lot of MP3 player chargers. Unfortunately, my Fuze+ puts out a lot of nasty noise (along with music) if I’m trying to play through the headphone jack it while charging it this way.

Jus to clarify, you don’t see any music you’ve installed in the internal memory except the preinstalled songs? The microUSB card issue I’m not surprised about; I had a similar issue with my e260R with my home stereo’s USB port. I haven’t tried my Fuze+on it, though.

Buckminster, thanks very much.  I’ll look into the Belkin charger as it will be a nice convenience to be able to charge the battery in my car, even if I can’t use the player at the same time.  To clarify, I do see the music I’ve installed and the music on the card and can play all of it through the headphone jack…no problem.  However, when connecting via USB to the car stereo’s USB port, it only plays the preinstalled music.  The advantages of connecting via USB are that the car stereo touch screen can be used to control the MP3 player and the player charges at the same time.  All this works perfectly with an iPod and is a great convenience.  Admittedly, the documentation for the stereo system discloses that it may not be fully functional with all MP3 players. It’s just interesting that it does see and play the preinstalled songs only.  Thanks again.

If it charges via the usb port, why do you need a cigarette lighter adaptor?

@ufotds wrote:

If it charges via the usb port, why do you need a cigarette lighter adaptor?

It won’t charge from the USB port to the car’s stereo system.

Yeah I charge all mine including the fruze+ with a cheap two dollar car charger.  Just get one of those that allows you to plug your sansa USB cable in and you’re set.  I think the fuze+ uses it’s own tip or at least none of my other usb cables will fit it including micro and mini.  Meelectronics makes a good set of chargers you may want to look into.

Aarondude: weird I know the fuze+ uses Micro USB becuase it’s the exact same port for my parent’s cell phones and I charge off thier Car charger.

Yeah, you’'re right, lol.  I was trying to plug in a sony USB cable from my camera that looks kinda like a micro but it isn’t.  It is actually a much smaller tip than the usb micro.  The micro is pretty big compared to what I was trying to plug into it.   I had to look at online photos to try to compare. Now I’m just searching for other usb micro cables I might have but I don’t think I have any other than the sansas.  Might pick up a couple because I’ll need them for something.

Hey In my new job, I have to travel a lot, to remotes towns and village, and is very dificult to take a laptop, or any other kind of computer, then I tried to use an charger of of a motorola I296 cellphone, to charge battery of my sansa fuze, first I plug it turn off, but a few hours ago, I discovered, that dont worked, then I tried to plug in turn on, and …yes it worked, the battery charged to full…the question is …is there any danger to my sansa fuze+? does any one else has an experience like that?

Best Regards… from Peru   

I purchased the macally charger from the SanDisk web site.  It has both wall and car chargers and the cable and it works fine.  I can’t use the player while it is charging, including in the car.