How to play Fuze with car stereo 1999 Toyota Camry

I bought the Belkin Charging kit used for Sandisk products thinking I can hook up my fuze player into my car stereo. I tried sticking the car adapter into the cigarette lighter and the “Aux” input. So far the player can charge and I have the option of “playing” but I have no clue on where I can actually hear the music from the fuze player. I’m messing around with my stereo system for about 20 minutes trying to connect to the car stereo with the mp3 player. I’ve looked at several articles regarding this similar problem but I don’t see the solution for my problem. The thing is, I can stick my headphones to my Fuze player while it’s connected to the car and I can hear it from the headphones. But I want the car stereo system to play the fuze. Can anyone please help me in regards for connecting my fuze player to my 1999 Toyota Camry car stereo? I think I might have wasted 10 dollars for the charging kit…

It sounds like you need a cable that goes from your headphone jack into the aux input…the charging kits usually are just to charge the player. :wink:

A  stereo cable from the player’s headphone jack to the car’s aux input doesn’t work? If you can’t get the Aux input to work, then if you have a cassete player in the car, a cassette adapter would be the next best choice. Get a decent brand one(perhaps Sony or Panasonic?)

If there is no tape player, and the audio input doesn’t work, then the third option is an fm transmitter. This gives the lowest sound quality of the three options, and is the most empensive.

I have no clue about cars in general. I have no idea what stereo cables are supposed to do. From what I can see from the pictures, some of the cables don’t look like it can connect to the car. The fuze yes, but not the car. I’m looking at the bundle packs from amazon and I don’t have clue. I’m a bit iffy on the transmitters, from what I read it’s not really reliable and you have to find the frequency in order to get what you want. I am a car dummy, I use it to drive from point A to B using a basic single cd player from the car stereo. Now I am trying to go all high-tech on it. :womantongue:

The good thing is that it is charging and you are getting music out of the headphone jack while it does. Now all you have to do is get it into the car stereo. 

You say your car stereo has an AUX In. What kind of a plug is that? A minijack like your headphone jack? With most Aux-in all you need is a plug-to-plug cable–the same thing  as your headphone plug on both ends. Nothing fancy.

It’s just a 1/8" miniplug to 1/8" miniplug cable, or a 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male miniplug. You might be able to find it at a hardware store, and you can definitely find it at a Radio Shack.

It doesn’t have to be brand-name–it just has to have the right plugs and they should look exactly like your headphone plug, with two rings around it for stereo. 

Instead of playing the music through your headphones, that cable will pipe it into the car stereo, which probably has a selector switch or button or menu  to change from FM to AM to CD to AUX. You will probably have to turn the volume louder than you do for the radio or CD player, because what’s coming out of the Fuze is not quite as loud (or it would blast your headphones). 

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