Play Fuze via USB cable into vehicle radio

We have Sansa Fuze players and want to listen to them through the USB connection in our Toyota Tacoma. We have been connecting with the Tacoma’s speakers by using a double-jack audio cable to the “radio” in the truck and playing it as an “auxiliary.”

A guy at the Toyota dealership used a different brand MP3 player to show us that the sound is better when one connects with a USB cable than with a double-jack audio cable. Problem is, when we plug the Fuze USB  cable into the Tacoma, the Fuze goes into charge mode and will not play. 

Do we need to buy new MP3 players to be able to listen via the USB cable? 

The guy at the dealership is wrong about it sounding better, but if you want to try you can probably switch to Mac mode and readd your music. For what its worth in this mode you’re just using the player as a USB disk drive so I’m not sire what the point is.

Sorry msc mode.

So, I’m about a year late on this, but I do what you’re trying to do in all three of my vehicles.

I don’t understand what you mean by “charge mode”.  Do you mean it acts like it does when ou connect it to a computer and shows “Connected” on the screen?  If that is what you mean then your Tacoma’s usb drive is actually/also a data port.  That is why the salesman was able to play music through the sound system by simply plugging into the USB port with another brand of mp3 player (it was most likely and iPod).

What you need to do is conitue to use the “double-jack audio cable” and plug the Sansa into a “power only” USB port or get one of thoes adapters from Walmart or eBay that plugs into your lighter/12v socket into a “power only” USB port.

I think what really needs to be done here is to set this into MSC mode so the player will just detect the songs that are currently played.

First, it depends on the car stereo. Various manufacturers and models are compatible with different devices.

If the car stereo is made to work with iPods, then the connection is different and you are stuck with running the output of the Fuze through the AUX connection as you have been doing. For better sound, crank up the Fuze all the way. Otherwise it’s weak, because it doesn’t need nearly as strong a signal to run headphones out of that jack. 

If it is a standard USB connection, the car stereo may–possibly–be able to find music in MSC mode.  That means you need to go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MSC and see what the car stereo finds. MSC makes the Fuze look like a basic flash drive or thumb drive, so if that’s what your car stereo is expecting–just USB storage–it needs MSC mode.

However, if you have been synching with Windows Media Player and using the USB Mode Auto, the car stereo won’t see the music via MSC.  That’s because the music was transferred via the other mode, MTP, which is invisible via the MSC connection.

You would need to go back into Auto or MTP mode, take all your music OFF the player (onto the computer), change USB Mode to MSC and drag-and-drop the music onto the player again. I would suggest copying one album over via MSC mode and see if the car stereo can find it.