Do all car chargers/ speaker systems allow you to charge and play at the same time?

I was curious because of the way it works on the computer. When it’s plugged into the computer you can’t play anything. I heard with some (or all?) car chargers you can charge and play (usually through the radio with a charger/FM transmitter or with an audio jack on newer cars). So do they all work or are there certain ones to look for or stay away from? Ditto for external speaker systems/docks…?


If the USB plug has the two extra data pins, the Fuze+ will not allow any use while plugged in (i.e. a regular USB cable).  However, if the USB plug only has the two power pins (in the case of car chargers, wall chargers, etc.) the Fuze+ can be used as normal while charging.

However, there is no way to get audio output via the USB, a separate 3.5" TRS jack must be used.

Some USB car adaptors have shunted data pins, making the device think that it is plugged in to a computer port.  I guess there are some devices out there that won’t charge otherwise.

The problem is that these types of adaptor trick  the Sansa into thinking it’s on the USB bus, disabling the controls.  If this is the case, you will see the Connected icon on the screen.  You can place a small bit of tape over the center two pins, or simply try a different adaptor.

Bob  :wink: