Can Fuze+ charge and play at the same time when connected to PC USB?

If I connect the USB cable to a power converter then I can use the player while it’s charging. However, sometimes I only have my laptop’s USB available. If I connect to that then the Fuze+ is in “connected” mode and won’t do anything useful.

Is there a workaround? If not it seems to me that a firmware fix might be possible.

all sansas do this. there is a work around that you can do though. Take a small piece of scotch tape and use it to cover the center 2 pins of the USB connector (the side that goes in the computer) these 2 pins are the data pins once they are covered it will block the data connection but it will still charge. 

Hmm, a kludgy solution at best. I still think it should allow both at user’s selection.

Normally you can play and change from a car or wall charger at the same time.