Can you play the SanDisk Sansa Fuze 8GB Video MP3 Player while it's plugged into USB?

I want to use a Sansa, hooked up through an ethernet system to play on 3 different TV’s at my place of work. So it’ll just play Ambient Music 24/7. I’m worried about the battery life running out however. Can you have it charging and playing at the same time via USB?

If you use an AC-USB wall charger, yes. If it’s hooked up to a computer, no (unless you can find a power-only cable or tape over the 2 inner data pins on the existing cable).

Brilliant dude thanks. I’ll get an AC wall charger.

When it’s connected to the computer you can play the music via the computer with Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc., and plug your headphones into the computer or play through computer speakers.

Once it senses the data connection it acts like part of the computer.  That’s why the AC charger, with no data connection, allows it to play. Make sure you get a standard wall charger you can plug your USB cord into–not an iPod charger.

I bought this set to go with my Sansa Fuze, and it has a wall charger in it.  You plug your usb cable into the Fuze, then into the charger, and plug it in.  Works great!

Forgot to add, it also has a longer USB cable in the accessory case. 

Probably a shill, but a decent deal. Note that while the kit is $5, shipping adds $6.29, making it $11.26.

I’m not a shill, I am a great grandmother of 4, who just bought my Sansa Fuze from them, ordered it with the accessory case, as a bundled deal, for $34.98, but I see that it has gone up in price since I bought mine. The accessory case is a good deal, even by itself, it comes with the adapter to plug into the wall, so that you don’t have to use your computer to charge it.  So, you can even play it where you want with it plugged in and you don’t have to worry about the battery running down while using it.  The adapter is great, it alone was worth the price of the kit. It also came with the car adapter (I had to pay $25 for the car adapter for my Nook Color), which I’ve not had occasion to use yet, so cannot speak to it.  The USB cable that came in the case is a foot longer than the one that came with the fuze, and I like that, live in an ancient house that is deficient in outlets, so the extra length comes in handy.

I was only trying to help out by giving him a suggestion as to how he could play it while charging, so best not to insult someone without knowing anything more about them.  :stuck_out_tongue:

But, since I seem to already be in trouble, I’ll add that I just bought this neat little speaker from WalMart to use with my Fuze. I bought a white one, but it comes in several other colors, and from the reviews of it, it seems like its a nice one for the price.  I bought my Fuze to listen to books on it, but a bunch of music sneaked onto it too!  I bought a 16GB card for it, but I think I should have gone with a 32GB card!

A happy and satisfied Sansa Fuze owner.