Seeking recharging unit for car+ misc queries - Fuze 4GB 2009


I am browsing EBay for a charger. 

1- I noticed my inhouse wall charger allows music playback and the computer USB does not. Is there a manufacturer that has a unit which allows music playback while charging?

2- Who makes a good unit? What do I avoid? Explain rationale

3- My battery life is sill 5-6 hours max in the lowest settings  of all the option choices, utilized ONLY for music.  The fowarding/ reselecting of songs occurs occasionally, not significantly as the system is set on random song play. My original query didn’t give me much on this. Any additional info is appreciated.

4- My original purchase of this unit was June 09. Are there  firmware updates for this run?

5- what do the udates do/ adress?


There’s a firmware update thread right near the top of the page, with a changelog. You have to look and see what version you have. The .31 update hasn’t given people many problems.

Firmware updates smooth operations, add capabilities, fix bugs, etc. How much they add to what you’ve got depends on …what you’ve got. 

Connection to USB connects to data pins and charging pins. Connection to wall charger doesn’t connect to data pins. You should be able to play from any charger that is made for Sansa. Don’t use an iPod charger even though the connector looks the same, unless you want to destroy the Sansa. 

You can get any  charger that has a USB port on it, as long as it puts out at least 500 ma, and you use the cable that came with your Fuze. A 1,000 ma charger will charge faster though. I have a 500 ma USB wall charger, and even though it charges the battery completely, after a long time the player indicates it is still charging. If I then plug it into a higher ma source, almost immediately the player shows it is fully charged.

Is there a charger / play back unit(besides the Sansa) you can reccomend for the car?



Try searching on  I was there today looking at FM transmitters for the fuze, that also double as car chargers.  I was surprised to find ones that are specifically designed for Sansa players.  I’m sure they also have chargers for them.