Wall and car charger connected all the time while listening

Hello everyone,

I just bought a new Sansa Fuze 4 Go. I bought the fuze player mostly for car listening. I planned to buy a car and wall charger kit. My question is, will I damage the battery’s longevity (performance and time the battery takes before to be down while listening)  if I leave the charger (AC or car) always connected while listening. Does the Fuze takes the power from the battery and the charger charge the battery or the fuze take the power directly from the external source (wall or car charger).

Thank you for your answers…  

It would be good to allow your Fuze to run strictly on its own battery power and dis-charge it every so often. Just bring it in at night or when you get home in the afternoon; turn it on, start play, set it down somewhere and let it go. In the morning, it will have been playing continuously for 12 hours or so, discharging the battery. Now plug it into your car or wall charger & fill’er up again.

i always bring my fuze when im jumping in someone card

the battery is charging and the player is working

thats means the the battery is always ready