AC Charger

Ive been using an Ipod AC Charger with my Fuze but Ive only just noticed that I can play music while its charging is this normal?

Also using the Ipod AC Adapter ,will it damage my Fuze in any way?

Many thanks.

Is the charger just a USB plug that you can hook your Sansa Cable into? If so then you are fine. If its an Ipod cable then you are risking your player. It should play music while charging as long as its not connected to a computer.

One of the features touted by the Fuze (and the view for that matter) is that they can play while charging so I would say this is normal.

As far as the charger, I assume you are talking about a standard USB charger (in other words you plug your sansa cable into your player and the usb end into the charger).  You should be fine if this is the case since most USB chargers are interchangable.