charging battery

When charging the clip does it matter if the power is on or off? I can not get a full charge on my clip. I had it on all night last night and the battery only shows about half done. Also can not find it in My Computer so I can download songs. How do I get it on MY Computer?

This way is not really useful but it’s worked.  Go to Settings in your device and choose to format your device.  Then plug in your computer again to see if it works.  If it does, make sure to upgrade it to the newest firmware.  Or you can force your device into MSC mode by  putting device in LOCK mode (slide the power switch back) & press-n-hold the center button while plugging in PC.  However, with the newest firmware, you have the option under Settings >> USB mode.

Here is the link for firmware upgrade:

I downloaded the firmware and know what do I do? I still don’t see it in My Computer. I extracted it but don’t know what to do now,
Can’t figure out how to get songs on it.

Ok…when you download the firmware, make sure you know where it saves…if you use Mozilla, you can view where it saves the files by going to Tools >> Downloads, if you use Internet Explorer, then it usually ask you to specify where you want to save…once you saved it…go there and right click on it…and choose extract here…then force your device into MSC mode (put device in LOCk mode (slide power button back & press-n-hold center button while plug in to computer).  If you see the device as a drive, double click on it, the drag and drop the file in there to upgrade the device to new firmware…

Note:  What is your system configuration:  is it XP Sp2 with WMP11?

If possible, please provide screen capture using the PrintScreen on you keyboard which is on the right top corner.  Press the PrintScreen and then open up your Paint and do Paste and save the image and post it here so I can have a better understanding and easy to debug.

I did what you said before about holding the center button down when I connect it to computer. Well I came back later and unpluged it and it said low battery and would always shut off for me so can’t even get into the clip now. So I hooked back up again to charge again. I am using XP with mp10

If possible, please upgrade to WMP11…some older posts suggest that updating to the new media player does fix the problem.

Well the upgrade to WMP11 seems to have done it. But still having problems charging it. Do you need the player in the on position for it to charge properly? Thanks for your help

You can try that but I don’t think it’s matter though.  Try using different USB port might help.

I was wondering how many songs should I be able to get onto my clip. It is the 2gb one.

It depends on the rip rate and the length of the songs, of course.  I get about 25 CDs of higher ripped music for about 2 GBs (I rip my own music from CDs, typically).