Having great difficulity with clip. Now they won't charge...

I spent many, many hours figuring out how to put songs on my daughters’ clips.  I think I finally figured it out, I have to do via WMP.  I updated everything from WMP to the firmware.  Now I am not able to charge the things!  I have left them plugged in, both at the same time, and even one at a time, turned on and turned off, lid open to the laptop, lid closed and they are not charging.

I really want these clips to work, but I am getting too frusterated to keep going!!

I do not see Sansa when I go to My Computer, so I am unable to see what is actually going on.

Thanks for any help!

Ok…here is what you can try…

Put your device into LOCK mode by sliding the button on the left side backward and then press-n-hold the center button while plugging in your computer to force the device into MSC mode.  The default mode is MTP mode which allows you to download subscription music to your device.  If you do not want to put subscription on your device, you can force your device into MSC using that back-door trick.  Once you are in MSC, check to see if you can see the device as a drive like G:, H:, I:, etc on your computer.  If you do, double click on that and then just drag and drop your music to the music folder and then you should be able to play music.  If everything else does not work and you can afford to format your device, then go to settings and choose format to clean up your device and then update to the newest firmware 1.01.18 so that you can choose between MTP and MSC under Settings >> USB mode.  Try those steps and let me know if it works.  If not, I’ll show you a different way to try to debug this.  :)  Have a good holiday

get a motorola razor phone charger or see if your devisce is locked

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