Changing speed without changing pitch?

It seems people often listen to their audiobooks and podcasts at higher speed.  It would be very nice if the voice can be sped up without changing the pitch, similar to the way “sox” utility can do with its “tempo” effects, although I do not know if Clip (or Fuze) has enough horsepower to compute WSOLA algorithm in real-time.

I second this request for a future firmware if possible.  Thanks.

+1 from me too.

This is probably in everyone’s wishlist. The pitch change is a bit irritating (especially in Fast mode) and defeats the whole purpose IMHO. :cry: 

The only reason I keep WMP on my PC is the great Play Speed functionality. I can listen to podcasts at 1.5x speed quite comfortably; even up to 1.7x sometimes.

I think it’s easy to do this for MP3 and OGG, because these formats store the sound in frequencies and that saves an extra FFT step.

I have never tried the fast speed for a podcast…always thought I’d be hearing “the Chipmunks”  :wink: