Adjustable play speed

I want to be able to adust the play speed of files, mostly for lectures and books, but its also fun to play with songs, speeding them up and slowing them down.



You can kinda do this with the ‘scan song’ function if you’re wanting to fast-forward through certain parts. Just press & hold the >>| or |<< buttons.

I want to be able to play an entire book or lecture at say 1.5 speed.  It’s a great feature on some audiobook player.  Some readers are painfully slow and I would like to crank up the speed to just under my comprehension limit.(no jokes  HA!)


I actually agree with the feature suggestion. I occasionally d/l podcasts or radio programs and while I can f/f through the commercials, sometimes whoever is speaking taallkks  . . .reeaaalllyyy  . . . sllooowww to where I’d like to poke them in the butt with a sharp stick just to wake them up and get them back on point! :smileyvery-happy:

At +.5 or even +2 speed, speech would still be intelligible and you could zip through an hour lecture in a half-hour or so. Definitely a boon for students. Some don’t even go to class any more; they just d/l the lecture podcast.

The Fuze and the Clip with the new firmware have a fast, normal or slow  speed setting for podcasts or audiobooks, but the fast is only around 25% faster than normal, and there is no pitch correction. I want a speed range of half to double normal speed with pitch correction, similar to what Windows Media Player has.

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WMP has this? Maybe it an ‘11’ feature? I’ve got ‘10’ and I’ve haven’t seen that option or control anywhere. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place.

EDIT: Ok, I found it. It is in WMP 10, but I never saw it because I only use WMP to rip CD’s and it’s greyed out. But if you play a file that’s already been ripped to your hard drive, the feature is available (both faster & slower). Now that I’ve found it, I’m sure I’ll never use it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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There isn’t a pitch correction setting in WMP. The pitch correction is automatic. Even at double normal speed the speaker’s voice sounds natural, but fast. On the Fuze, in the fast mode, the frequency of the speaker’s voice is raised, and it doesn’t sound natural.

Didn’t mention pitch correction, but, of course it is a must.  Found it on several standalone audio book players. (the kind that has the book in permanent rom.)  It’s a really neat feature.  I’m not into Alvin and the Chipmonks.


How 'bout Munchkinese? “Follow the yellow brick road!:stuck_out_tongue:

I would be, if they had deeper voices.


No further comments? Do any Sandisk employees read this board?

Probably do, but I’ve yet to ever see a response from one here.