Any chance the Fuze will get variable speed playback with pitch correction?

The Fuze and the Clip  have a fast, normal or slow  speed setting for podcasts or audiobooks, but the fast is only around 25% faster than normal, and there is no pitch correction. I want a speed range of half to double normal speed with automatic pitch correction similar to what Windows Media Player has. I like to listen to lectures on my pc at 1.5-1.7x normal speed. I want the ability to do this as well on my Fuze. Some speakers speak so slowly that listening to them at less than 1.5 times normal speed is very annoying.

Man, that would be awesome.

I am way past listening to lectures of professors, thank God.

But, it would be great to have this feature for music playback.

Would allow practice with guitar.  Tune the player to the guitar and not the other way around…plus, obviously, slow down fast riffs and have pitch corrections to enable learning the riff at slower speed.

Sansa, I’d pay more to get this feature!

I’d like this as well.