Variable speed playback with pitch correction?

Any chance that the Fuze could have variable speed playback(between half and double speed) with pitch correction like Windows Media player offers? Is this just a matter of programming, or is pitch correction too processor intensive for the Fuze to handle? If so, could we see it instead on some upcoming Sandisk players? I like to listen to lectures on my pc at 1.4-1.7 times normal speed and wish I could do this on a portable player. The fast speed on the Fuze now is only around 1.25x, and there is no pitch correction.

Real-time pitch correction is quite CPU intensive, so I’m guessing it’s probably beyond the capabilities of the Fuze’s CPU.

I know enabling this feature in DJ software like Traktor requires a pretty decent CPU.

My little Nano has it.  It should be possible with the Fuze.

WHAT??? A POD-HEAD? :dizzy_face:

Who let you in here? :smileyvery-happy:

My wife got it for free (8GB 4G Nano) and I’ve been playing with it.  And it, at least, still plays my Audible books. 

I also have a Fuze, a 280v2 and C250.  Can I stay?

Maybe it depends on the accuracy of the pitch correction.  DJ software needs to be very accurate so beat matching and key matching stay in sync.  Maybe smaller CPUs can handle lower accuracy.

That would be a cool feature. I have it in my Creative ZEN Xtra - which is 5 years old now (and still works!) and I can’t believe that this ancient player has more memory or a faster CPU than the shiny new Fuze that can display videos and has much better sound quality :wink: