Sansa Fuze - Voice Record Playback

Is there a way to increase the speed or compress the words during listening playback?

Any genius out there?



Afraid not. It would be a nice feature and if I recall others have suggested it as well. To have a double or triple-speed playback setting would be nice for boring lectures, or scanning through commercials in a radio program podcast and who knows, we might see it in a future firmware update. I doubt very much though if they’ll be able to incorporate automatic pitch correction though as some have indicated a desire for so it may sound like Alvin & the Chipmunks, but again who knows? They might pull it off.

Stay tuned! :smiley:

Think you press the right button on your fuze. You double press it to fast forward things and the left button (if pressed twice) rewinds everything.

You could convert it to mp3 or wma on your pc, then play it back on your pc at up to double normal speed using Windows Media Player. The Fuze has a fast mode for podcast or audiobook files, but it is only around 20% faster than normal, and there is no pitch correction.