Audiobook playback speed

I am seriously thinking of picking up a Sansa Fuze for Audiobok playback tomorrow, but I have a few questions that weren’t adequately answered in the forums.

I need the Fuze to be able to support MP3 based audiobooks that I rip myself from CD (usually 1 file per CD).  I need to be able to speedup the playback of these files, and remember the playback position of the file I am currently listening to.

I’m also a Mac user, so I need to be able to drag and drop.

Will the Fuze do what I need?


The Fuze has a fast setting for audibooks, but it is only around 20-25% faster, and there is no pitch correction(voices sound unnatural using it). Some say Rockbox(an alternative firmware for the Fuze) works better for fast playback than the original firmware, however Rockbox is not supported by Sandisk, and using Rockbox on a Sandisk player voids the warranty.

I don’t know of any mp3 player that has high quality fast playback with pitch correction using the original firmware. I haven’t used Rockbox yet, but am tempted to try it one one of my players. Rockbox might destroy a player, so use it at your own risk.

The Fuze remembers the lat played position in an audiobook or podcast file. It is usable with a Mac.

Pitch corrected playback of audiobooks is a standard feature on all current iPods/iPhones and many older ones.  A lot of Cowon players support it also.  I have Rockbox on my e280 and it does not support sped up playback (at least not that I can find)

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Ok, I just found the option on my e280 with Rockbox.  Works like a charm!  No need to buy a Fuze if I do this on an existing player.

What’s cool is that it’s  refurb v1 e280, and with Rockbox installed, it can take MicroSDHC cards.  Now to find a cheap 16GB card to put in it…