CD's album front cover not always displaying

Hello there,

When i upload my music, sometimes the album cover appears, others time it doesn’t. They are all same format (Jpeg) and all named “Front”.

What i have to do to make them all appear as i play music?

Thank you =)

  1.  Name the image files “folder.jpg” or “album art.jpg” (without quotes).
  2.  Make sure the image files are 500 x 500 pixels & 100kb or less in size.
  3.  Place the image files in each of your album folders. It should display whenever any file in that folder is played.

I would at a 4th item to the list:

  • Make sure that no MP3 file in the same directory contains a picture. Otherwise the first one encountered will be used instead of folder.jpg and is displayed with all files, even if they carry their own  picture. If this picture is not supported (not jpg, too many pixels) no album art will be shown, even if other MP3 files contain usable pictures - that really sucks!:angry:

You can remove these pictures with Mp3tag as I do regularly. You can select multiple files; you can search for cover art. Good luck

Quick on please.If none of these will work. Is it also a good idea to try and update the firmware?