Album covers disapear

I like to have album covers on my fuze.  For some reason the ones I get for e-music keep disapearing.  I see the picture in the album folder, but only some songs have it as an album cover.  Some that used to don’t have it any more either.  The album covers display on windows media.  The problem appears to be exclusively with e-music album covers. Can someone help me?

Update!  Turns out is not just e-music songs, and its not just the kind where there’s a picture sitting in the folder.  For some reason though, its just some of them.

The Fuze is more limited than the PC in the types of media it accepts. This covers picture, MP3s, MP3 tags, etc. Assuming album art is in jpgs, then it could be a size or resolution, or perhaps encoding (progressive, interlaced) issue.

Load the problem pics into a photo editor and see if you can discern a commonality. For my covers, I normally use 500x500, progressive, 80% quality jpgs. Since I don’t use the album format, I embed pics into the songs’ ID3 tags.