Pics show up sometimes

I was wondering if anyone else was having issues with pics not showing up on your screen?  i’ve made sure my files end in _cover.jpg and that works for some files, but sometimes it doesn’t.  i’ve also made sure my tag ID3 tag is V2.3 and not V2.2.  Is there anything else I should look out for?


How about if they’re simply named cover.jpg?

or album art.jpg or folder.jpg.

You also need to make sure the images are indeed plain ol’ ordinary .jpg format. No progressive nonsense and no bitmaps or gifs. They also must not be humongous sized files. I believe the limitation is 500 x 500 pixels, 100kb file size.

Cover Format

Filename: Folder.jpg

Max: 500 x 500 pixels

under 100kb file size.

JPEG: baseline not Progressive !!! most important Error.