Can't view files on microSD card in 4GB Sansa Clip+ when connected to PC

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone here has had a similar issue and what you were able to do about it.

I was going to add some music to the 16GB microSD card inside my 4GB Sansa Clip+, but I can’t view any of the folders/songs that are currently on the SD card when I have the player connected to my PC. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the SD card because I can still view and play the music that’s on it through the Sansa itself.

The SD card is even listed in Windows when I connect my player, but if I open it, nothing else shows up. No folders or songs are displayed.

Can anyone help with this?

Settings/System Settings/USB Mode. Try both MTP and MSC. Your computer can only see one at a time.

The USB MSC/MTP situation: 

A good reason to set the player to MSC mode (or MTP, if you use DRM-protected files) and keep it there, using it consistently.  Avoid Auto, which wll try to use MTP mode but then default to MSC mode, if needed, leading to a “mix” of moded-files.

If you already have a mix:  set to one mode, transfer the files to your computer and delete them from the player, disconnect and set the player to the other USB mode (the mode you want to stay in), and connect to your computer and transfer the songs back.