Can't restart after crash or power failure

I have two Sandisk Ultra II 240 gb SSDs and this has happened on both using Windows 7 and Windows 10. Basically if my laptop doesn’t shut down properly - powered off without shutdown or restart, the laptop completely fails to reboot into Windows. This has happened on Win 7 and 10 but at least 10 gave me an error message with an Error Code 0x0000185 and something abut my MSConfig file being unreadable or something. Every time I have to wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows and watever I do, this happens again and again and the computer cannot restart. Is this a bug? I’ve tried this with a total of three different Sandisk Ultra II SSDs and it happens again and again. Help?


this could be related to any other hardware that you are using on the specific computer, so my suggestion would be to try one of the drives on another computer to see if the issue is drive related.