Sudden Shutdown of SSD - Windows 10

i recently purchased a Sandisk Ultra II for my Dell Inspiron 7547, which was upgraded to Windows 10.  The reinstallation of W10 onto the new SSD seemed to be going fine and I was brought to the Desktop.  However, within 10-15 of reintsalling other software, it instantly shutoff.  Since then, the hard drive continues to shut off without warning.  I have changed the ‘Hard drive shutoff’ setting in power management.  I have also updated various drivers on my computer, yet the issue persisted.  Initially, the shutdown occured between 10-15 minutes after starting, but after turning the computer back on, the time to shutdown has decreased incrementally (then it was 5 minutes, then a few minutes, and just now it happened at the login screen!).

Could this be a result of a faulty SSD?  Or is there a maximum operating temperature of the SSD?  Or, is there firmeware I need to update the SSD?

I can provide more information as requested.

Update: I was able to install the SanDisk SSD Dashboard before it crashed.  The firmware is up to date on the SSD.

The Windows 10 event viewer shows two in the ‘Critical’ category: ID: 41 “Kernel - Power” and also a 404 “TaskScheduler”.

There are 10 or so events in the ‘Error’ category.  

I had also installed 16 GB of ram (went from 2 x 4 GB -> 2 x 8 GB).  I reverted back to the 2 x 4 GB to see if the issue persists.

I installed an Ultra II 960 drive in my W7-64 Dell XPS-1702 laptop system… Afterward I would get an occasional Shutdown within 10-15 min of power up…  It would do this on either the embedded Intel, or NVidia display… Note that Dashboard sees SATA as SATA III Speed at all times.

Yesterday I received an email  (I have Dashboard set to email me on updates) that there was a Firmware update X41310RL for my Ultra II Drive… I did the update via Dashboard, and it all worked fine (Laptop SSD configured with 4 partitions)… Note here: I just recently went from 8Gb to 16Gb of ram, after I started seeing shutdowns, also, but that did not increase or decrease the frequency of the shutdowns…

It’s only been 12 hours since the Udate… I’m hoping to see no more shutdowns…

Does anybody in the know here have information regarding Firmware Update Release Notes for Ultra II X41310RL Firmware?

It sounds like a power related issue, can you send or post your dashboard report to us ? 

Can give an update… I do believe I’ve found issue.

SpeedStep in Bios was turned on… Discovered that it OC’d to 2.8Ghz a 2.0 Processor…

Disabled SpeedStep, CPU Clock now at max of 2.0Ghz, and things quieted down.