What do you call two Sandisk ultra II that stops working after less then 1 month ???

I have no **bleep**ing clue…

Bought my first SSD, god that was nice, windows was fast and even 1 game i put on it went smooth as hell, then i turned my pc off and in the morning the SSD just wouldent be found either in BIOS, tried different cables and connections but no, nothing helped… It held for 4 weeks… i returned it where i bought it from and they confirmed it was broken but they had trouble beliving it cause they rarely break… so i got another one same brand and model, that one held for 3 weeks… i returned it, they confirmed it was dead, sooo i got a samsung ssd insted…

Care to comment SanDisk ?? you know what a **bleep**ing pain it is to reinstall windows all the frigging time??



first of all i would like to inform you that this is a user forum so i dont think that Sandisk itself will comment on this forum post. Second its a bit strange in my opinion that 2 SSD drives fail in so short time with the same configuration and hardware.

my opinion would be to contact sandisk and tell them your issue with the drives with the hardware configuration you used in order to find a positive solution for you for future reference.