Ultra SSD 120GB Died Suddenly After 2 Years

Our Sandisk Ultra 120GB SSD worked perfectly for 2 years without a single problem or glitch. Recently we turned on the computer and it said we have no boot drive … please insert Windows install disk, etc. The drive is no longer recognised at all. We put in our old spinning hard drive and it booted right up, so the computer itself is in perfect working order. We then tried the Ultra in another known good computer plus in an external case, but both times it was not recognised and we can’t recover any data. Obtained an RMA from Sandisk support and they are replacing it for us. We really appreciate their courteous and prompt assistance in resolving this problem. However, i must mention that, although they were quick to issue the RMA plus a free shipping label, our total waiting time will be 2 weeks or more by the time the replacement drive arrives. In this regard we are somewhat disappointed. We are posting this so that other Sandisk owners may know what to expect if their drive fails.