Ultra II broke after system crash ?

Hi all , 

I got a Ultra II SSD shipped yesterday and i tried to clone my old drive with http://www.apricorn.com/products/software/sandisk  .

The system crashed during cloning and after that windows doest seem to see the SSD anymore , even Sandisk dashboard , Sandisk toolkit ,or any partition software  and not in windows diskmanagment either. Its showing in Bios but when installing windows at the part where u got to select a drive to install its showing nothing ,  ashi enabled in bios. 

Tried to connect it trough usb with my laptop , getting a message >  usb device just connected causing an error , windows cant reconize it.

It just died ?  or what just happend ?  bad start of a marriage between me and SSD :( 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions , 


Please go ahead and contact our support center so we may better assist you