Can't open photos on my computer

I am trying to view the photos on my memory card on my computer, but when I try and open the file, none of the pictures show up.  I can see them all fine on the camera (though when I take the memory card out, they disappear, so they’re definitely saved on the card, not the camera itself). I’ve tried using the memory card slot on my computer, a card reader and connecting the camera to the computer.   I’ve never had this problem before and have been using this card for a while - what’s going on?!

I was in the same situation today and had tried every suggestion I could find, when, by dumb luck, I decided to try a different USB cable…and it worked…!  SanDisk Media Manager seems to be working as intended. and Windows Explorer can also access the SD contents.

i have sony cyber shot digital camera, it has a 2gb san disk always i can see the photos on camera, when the card put in the cam.but , when it slot in the computer , i cannot see the picture, even the folder is opened it is showing empty.

Can u tell me the solving trick.

thank you


If you have accidentally lost your important photo from memory card and wants to get them back then don’t panic, you can make use of Amrev photo recovery software. It helped me a lot, you can also restore your lost files in few minutes. So download the trial version to check its working speed.

i cant see me videos and photos in sandisk 64gb but its showing me that 29gg byte inside it so what i do now tell me how can i get my files again.

Run anti-virus software to check the memory card. Then try photo recovery software to recover photos. Good Luck.

Try CMD command to check and fix your Sandisk card. Or make use of data recovery software to recover photos and videos, such as RePicvid, Recuva, and PhotoRec, etc.