Unable to access photos on SanDisk memory card


I use 16 gb sanDisk Ultra memory cards (30mb/s) with my Nikon D5200 DSLR. In the past I have interchangeably used my five or so memory cards without a problem. However, a recent batch of photos (mostly stills) on the card cannot be accessed when the card is inserted into a PC with my Integral SD card reader. i have not had this provblem before, and would be upset to lose the photos. However, I have hope as windows recognises the fact the card is full but when I click on the folder it juist comes up with one file named “trash”. The photos can also be viewed on the LCD screen of the camera when the card is inserted.

Any suggestions for what I can do, or perhaps I must just wait until I get home to my mac where I have Nikon ViewNX2 software installed; i reckon there is a better chance of it picking up the photos.

I also do not have a micro USB cable with me so trying that is not an option at the moment.

Many thanks

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Clean the pins of the card, with isopropyl (or common) alcohol.
Try the card in other laptops, direct to it’s port-card, with a good adapter of recognized brand ( NOT a card reader, eye).