Help, damaged new sdhc card


I just bought a SDHC 16GB card 45mb/s Extreme and took about 1200 photos, the card was doing fine, then i made a video and when it finished the card gave an error and in the camera (nikon d90) says that is damage. Now I cannot access the photos in the camera or in the laptop. :cry: the laptop doesn´t even recognise the card. The only place i can see that the photos exist are in a Panasonic TV which reads it.

I already tried to format the card in the camera to recover the photos with Pandora swoftware but it does not do anything and since its not recognise by the laptop i cannot format it either.

I´ve tried several Photo Shops in the area but the problem is the same the machines don´t recognise the card.

Can anyone please please help???

Many thanks in Advance.


The exact same thing  happened to me!  If anyone can help us it would be greatly appreciated!!!