photoes in SDHC card cannot be read


I have a sdhc 4gb memory card and 500+ photos on this card. I wanted to save the photos on my computer but with no success.

I am able to see the card in the computer but only 3 out of all the 500 photos can be opened. Since most of the photos cannot be opened I can’t copy it to my computer. 

I tried to do it with a card reader that is in my laptop, fom the camera with a usb cable, the photos can be read only sometimes by the camera also,  tried to copy it on a MAC compuer- nothing worked.

Is there anything else I can do to make it work? I’m afraid all my photos are gone…

I’ll appriciate your reply.



This is interesting. so you can view 3 photos out of 500? This eliminates card reader to SDHC compatibility issue. This 3 photos that you are able to view/paste, are they in the same format with the others? Like files types.