can't hear anything?New scandisk sansa+

Just got a scandisk sansa clip+ from Amazon and have charged it think I’ve put some music on but can’t hear anything.The screen reads music but can’t get it to change to anything else .From my pc it appears that the scandisk came loaded with some music but can’t seem to access that either.None of the pictures on the website are the same as mine eitherHelp

1.  The players typically come with a small screen protector on them, that has a picture of a screen scene on it.  Did you peel that off?  There may be a small tab at the lower right corner of the screen protector to help with that.

2.  The headphone jack in the new player can be _ very _ tight, to the point that you might be afraid that you’re going to break the player the first time.  Have you pushed your headphone jack in all the way?

Thank you very much The instructions are poor and the plastic cover very hard to see but should have thought of that.Now we get to enjoy the scandisk

Glad it worked out–isn’t it the best when the issues are small?!?  And you wouldn’t believe the number of people who didn’t realize that the screen protector is not the real screen in action.

Now, enjoy your new player!   :slight_smile: