Cant find more songs from the same artist in shuffle mode?

I usually have my player on shuffle and when I hear a song by an artist it might make me want to listen to more from that artist. There doesnt seem to be a way to get to the artist menu quickly by back tracking. It would be nice if back tracking put you into the folder of the artist, is there another way to do this?

Hmm, a “more by this artist” function might be nice, come to think of it.  Currently, the only way is to navigate to Artists, then scroll to the currently playing artist.


That would be great, perhaps back tracking would make it go into the artists folder too. I know that when I hear a song I like, the first thing I think of is… I wonder what other songs the artist has… rather than… I wonder what other songs that begin with the same letter I would like to listen to. I think im used to doing it that way from my Sony mp3 players. Also I have my music in so many folders, scrolling does take a bit of a while to find anything. The way my other players get around this is… DOWN will make it scroll down at normal speed… but RIGHT will make it scroll down at 3x the speed. So perhaps use the RIGHT and LEFT buttons for faster up and down scroll and allow the centre button to be used to choose the selection :slight_smile: