Cant download files to Sansa E260

Can no longer download files from my computer to my Sansa E260.  It worked fine yesterday but today when I try I get Error Code 0XC00D2772 (device not recognized).  Tried it on another computer - same problem.  Any ideas?

First, check that the e260 responds normally when disconnected.  Are you just trying to add new files or access the device from the computer?

When you turn on the device, make note of the splash screen that appears when the e260 powers up.  If it has the SanDisk logo with sunburst, this is a v1 device, if it then shows the Rhapsody logo, it’s an e260R , and lastly, if it shows a SanSisk logo in white with reflection, plus a blue sansa logo below that, you have a v2 device.

I mention this as it’s important; the two earlier players have a different processor than the v2.  They have a Recovery Mode to allow you to access the player differently.

What we’ll need to do is format the data area on the device and start fresh.  Let us know which version you have, as the process is a little different.  Since the device will not connect, I’ll give you the basic procedure for the v1 devices.

First, a word from our sponsor.  When connected in Recovery Mode, NEVER format the device using WIndows!

We will use the sansa.fmt folder trick.  First,start with your device turned OFF.  Slide the top HOLD switch to the right, with the orange section showing.  Open a Windows Explorer window on your computer by clicking on My Computer.  A window will open showing your hard drive and other memory devices.

Now, press and hold the REC button on the left of your e260 while connecting.  The device will say “welcome to recovery mode” on the display, and a new icon will appear, 16MB FORMAT.   Remember, DON’T try to use the WIndows format command.  This is the reserved partition in your device’s memory, and you will erase critical data.

Double click on the 16MB FORMAT icon, and open it.  You’ll see a single file in there.  Leave this alone!  Right click again, in the open window, and select New Folder.  Then rename this folder sansa.fmt _and you’re ready. _At the bottom of your computer screen, click on the Safely Remove icon, and Eject the e260.  Slide the HOLD switch back to the left, and unplug.

The e260 will format itself upon disconnect.

You can then check out the device.  The memory is now cleared.  Try plugging in as usual, and the device should show up in that Windows Explorer window normally, ready for music to be reloaded.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: