Cannot view Sansa Clip Folder


I have bought new sansa clip and when i connect the USB to my winxp sp2 .I cannot view sansa clip folders to copy songs in the player.Can anybody help me in finding the solution. 

For the player to operate in its “basic” MTP mode, your computer also needs Windows Media Player 10 or above–do you have that as well? 

The option:  if you have one of the more recent firmware versions, set the player’s Settings/USB to MSC mode (in which your player looks like a hard drive to your computer; but no DRM music may be transferred in that mode).  If you don’t have that option, put the player in hold and connect via USB while pressing the player’s center button down; that will also connect via MSC mode.  And then download and install the most recent firmware (link in one of the forum’s sticky threads at the thread top) and set the USB setting to MSC.