music viewing

i recently put music on my sansa clip, it was from a different computer, and when i went to view the music on my computer, it only showed the music that was already on it, what should i do? I am at my wits end with this thing.

The Clip has 2 USB computer modes, MSC and MTP; music transferred to the Clip when connected in MSC mode only shows on the computer when the Clip is connected in MSC mode; and likewise as to MTP mode.  (Altho all the music appears on the Clip regardless.)  If your Clip’s USB setting is set to Automatic, the Clip may sometimes connect in MSC mode and sometimes in MTP, depending on the capabilities of the computer the Clip is connected to (the default is MTP mode).

If you don’t use DRM files (which require MTP mode), a “solution” is to set the Clip’s Settings/USB to MSC. As a general matter, MSC is more “universal” than MTP mode.