Cannot Sync With Audible After Firmware Upgrade

After installing the firmware upgrade, I just realized that Audible Manager is not able to connect to the Clip any longer and transfer files to it. It worked fine and downloaded books into my Clip previously, but now gives me an error message stating: Device specific error; unable to update your device.  What is this???

I sure hope someone can help me because that is about all I use the Clip for…to hear my Audible downloads. Help!:cry:

Open Audible Manager, and connect your Clip.  Deauthorize the device, then reauthorize it.  If you are using a service such as Rhapsody, remember that the device traffic while reading or writing music files will confuse the manager if it’s opened while updating.

I just tickled the dragon’s tail by trying to open the AM while updating a channel.  It tells me “device not compatible” though I have 15 Audible books on it.

Oh, and be sure you are in MTP mode.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, what I ended up having to do is to remove all my files (exclusive of the Audible ones), format the Clip, and then open it up again with Audible Manager and reinstall the books. Now it seems to be fine. I guess some type of glitch happened when I updated the firmware.

How did you reformat? I’m about to tear my hair out with this same issue after most recent update. Thanks!

Formatting the device is a good thing to do occasionally.

On the Clip, go to Settings > Format > Yes.  Note that this will erase all music and books from the device.

Then, reload your music, and authorize the Clip using the Audible Manager client.  Your books are stored in the client library.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: