Cannot login any moresince no login window appears when Cruzer plugged in

my 2 old  PWorded Cruzers used to work fine on my PC. Plugged in and a U3 window appeared on the lower right corner of the desktop and a login window appears. Now neither appears. I get a blinking hourglass and sometimes a window opens on the desktop with “LaunchU2,exe  and  Autorun.inf and a Zip file” All are worthless. Clicking on launchU3.exe opens up an empty  numbered window in Application.

The trouble is in my PC, but what might it be?

If your running Windows 7 64-bit you need to have LaunchU3.exe set to run in Compatibility mode.  I use Vista SP2 on my system.

Hi boygold, any updates on how this worked out for you buddy?