Cannot get Clip+ to work in Honda Accord

In my Honda, as an AUX device, I cannot get the Clip+ to work.  I have switched back and forth between MTP and MSC.  My old Sansa works just fine.  What am I doing wrong?

I don’t know if this helps, but sometimes only the internal drive (not the microSD card) works with car systems. 

Your car’s stereo is most likely looking for a basic MSC device. If your music was loaded from a computer with the Clip+ in MTP or Auto Defect mode, you car’s stereo probably won’t be able to find it.

If this is the case, change the USB Mode setting to MTP, connect to your computer and move (not copy) all the files to the computer. Now dis-connect, change to MSC mode, re-connect and copy (not move) the files back to the player. This will leave back-up copies on your hard drive. Now plug into your car’s stereo and it should work.

Note that sometimes the stereos are not ‘smart’ enough to see files stored in a Music folder. If after doing the above, you still have trouble, try highlighting all the folders/files ‘within’ you Music folder and moving them to the top or ‘root’ directory (alongside the Music folder). It might see them then. You can delete the empty Music folder if you wish.

Miikerman also has a good point. Your car’s stereo will not be able to see 2 separate memory locations, as in the internal memory and an external memory card. It will only read files from the internal memory location.

Thanks amigo!  

Worked like dog snot, just as you suggested…

There is something wrong with this post. AUX device normally refers to a mini phone jack that would connect to the earphone jack on the clip, something nothing to do with MSC or MTP mode.

Did the OP mean usb connector?

Yes, I meant the usb connector.  I was referring to the AUX button on the radio console.  Will try to be more precise in the future.

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Thanks amigo!  


Worked like dog snot, just as you suggested…

Ooooh, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad!