Can Sansa Clip Zip show song titles in Vietnamese


I just bought the sansa clip zip and so satified with it until… I copied some songs with Vietnamese titles and the player shows only squares in place of Vietnamese characters. I am dissappointed because I have heard some guy in this forum said that the clip zip can show even Korean and Japanese titles. Vietnamese is very similar to English.

So actually, can the Clip Zip display titles like below?

Đám cưới chuột

Gạt tàn đầy

Lãng đãng chiều thu Hà Nội

Did i do anything wrong?



I’m Vietnamese and I have used this Sansa Clip Zip for 3 years.  I must say that Sansa clip zip doesn’t support Vietnamese language.  If you want a mp3 player that support Vietnamese language, I suggest you buy a COBY MP620 mp3 player.  I have tried this COBY mp3 player with Vietnamese text and it works just fine.

You can email me at : so I can send you the screenshot of my COBY mp3 that showed Vietnamese text.


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