Can output volume be increased?

Themusic I imported into my Sansa clip does not play loud enough when I listen to it, even the volume control is all the way up. Is there a way to increase the volume higher, either in the player and/or changinf the volume on “my music” files then re-importing to Sansa clip?

MP3Gain can be used to increase the perceived volume.  You run your music through it and it adjusts the volume level (this can be reversed by running the music through MP3Gain again).   It’s available as Internet freeware.   

Have you tried the “high” setting in Settings>Volume?

You can try something like mp3gain, I haven’t played with it much and when I did it didn’t seem to do what I wanted but I didn’t try that hard.

Mikerman, you and I posted at the same time, your message wasn’t there as I typed. At least we agree. My time here is 12:50pm and my previous post is around 9:30am so I guess times are converted to GMT.


To get MP3Gain to increase volume, raise the db level on it from the default–e.g. to 95 db.  I’d experiment with a handful of tunes first.

I increase the volume of my FLAC files in Adobe Audition if necessary - I believe Audacity which is free can also do this, and I also use 112db headphones, which cost £4.99 in Tescos and make the music very loud indeed.

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I have used mp3gain with great success. It really works but you might have to play around with it a bit. I had a couple of songs that I had downloaded from Youtube and converted to mp3. They sounded totally muffled and I thought lost. But mp3 gain worked amazingly well. I cannot say enough good things about it.