Can not transfer my Rhapsody Library to my new Sansa Fuze

My Sansa E280r died (3 years old) and I purchased a Sansa Fuze yesterday.  I updated the Sansa Fuze with the latest firmware and started to transfer my “Rhapsody To Go” library of songs to it.  It stopped transferring songs after 20.  I verified all my settings and everything checked out okay.  I received transfer errors and it did not load a single song.  Updated all my tracks licenses and it still did not load. I reset to factory settings- tried again- and failed.  Finally, reformatted the Fuze (I had to do this on my E280r to get it to work - 3 years ago) reloaded firmware updates and it still would not load any songs after 20.  I have plenty of space on the Sansa Fuze (3.4G)  Please advise.  This is my second Fuze- the first one was returned after the Sansa support desk indicated the Fuze was defective.  I appreciate any assistance you can give me.  Thanks!

In the Rhapsody client, select device options by starting at the top left: Tools > Preferences.  Select the My Library option in the pop up menu, then look at the bottom of this window.

Under Download Track File Format, select “Let Rhapsody decide the download format for subscription tracks”, or select Windows Media Audio.  The client should be able to figure out that the Fuze needs secure WMA.  Check this by transferring one new track from the Music Guide.

Your new Fuze is a RhapPFS compatible device, using secure WMA as the file type.  Your e280R used RAX format tracks, which are most likely the files in your library.  Unfortunately, the more universal WMA tracks are what your new Sansa needs.

If you cached copies of your RAX media on the hard drive, versus streaming your library from Rhapsody, the files stored may be of the wrong format.  You can transfer them again from the Music Guide (Rhapsody server) as secure WMA.


I can’t find the rhapsody client…

The Rhapsody client is your Rhapsody software.

It appears to be transferring songs okay.  I cant do a download of my library at once.  I had to down load each song individually.  At this point, I am happy that you was able to help me.  Thank you.

How about trying one album at a time? Doing it song by song could be very tedious.

I do not have any albums in my library— but I will try one just to check.

well-  it stopped downloading songs again… it is stuck.  This time 38 songs were download.    If I understand directions, I am to reload my library with a new list of songs and try to transfer it?  Please advise