can not open file for read

I installed the SanDisk Secure 3.02 software on the “SanDisk ULTRA USB 3.0” drive.

In this protected usb drive I copied some excel files.

One of these files (the one that contains the excel macros) when I save it appears the error window “can not open file for read C./user /…/ AppData / Local / Temp / SanDiskSecureAccessV3 / …”. However, the rescue is done.
If I open and save the other excel files (which do not contain macros) there are no problems.
Can you help me? I have pc with Windows 10.
Thank you

I am getting the same error whenever I try to save an excel file that I have in the vault.  Sometimes they save just fine, next time, I get this error.  It’s quite annoying.  Is there any resolution found for this yet?  BTW, I do NOT have macros in these files.

save error_LI.jpg