Error retrieving file on Sandisk USB


I have an Microsoft Excel file on my SanDisk USB stick.  This evening I clicked on the file and got the following error message:

"The file is already open or being used.  The error is:  Encrypted file doesn’t exist."

All the other files on my USB Sandisk stick are fine.  This is the only file I am unable to access.  It is, the most important file!

Thanks for any guidance.  


What did you use to click on the file?  Excel?  SecureAccess?  Windows Explorer?

Does the file exist on the drive outside of the SecureAccess vault?

Hi There,

I used Excel.  Yes, the file exists outside of the vault (although it is an older version).


So Excel is giving the msg Encrypted file doesn’t exist.!!  Interesting.

Try running a CHKDSK for the flash drive.