Data Recovery / Decrypting

Evening All,

So I recently decided to start using Secure Access to ensure all my time sheets and bank documents remained secure while at work.

I normally use the drive in my work pc.

Tonight I wanted to access some of the files and put the USB into my PC. I received an error about potential fault on drive and “continue without scanning” or “Scan and Fix”.

I opted for the “Scan & Fix”. After a few seconds, the prompt said everything was fixed and loaded the contents of the memory stick. Opening Secure Access, I was prompted to create a password. I thought this was strange as I already had a password with data in the vault.

I created a new password and the vault that opened was empty. The space occupied on the memory stick remained the same and the “SecureAccess Vault” folder on the memory stick still had all the “.DAT” files. A subfolder in there “System Files” also contained lots of files (.BAK, .ENC, .IDX)

I copied these onto my desktop and went to “Restore” the data from the in-app menu.

When asking what “restore” file to use, I directed it to the folder on my desktop with all the above mentioned files in. It ran for a bit and created a vault which promted me for a password.

Using my original password, I was granted access and all my files shown in the vault. (.xlsx, .docx, .pdf etc…)

When I tried to open the files, the program (excel) would open and then give an error.

“Excel cannot open the file “file name.xlsx” because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file”

Can anyone please help me with how I can gain access to my files again.

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I have the same exact problem and it seems that no one at Sandisk is able to help.