Can I use C-250 MusicIP Mixer with my new FUZE?

I had a 2GB C-250 andnthe LCD window somehow got damaged, and I pleaded with Sandisk to replace this device since it as about a month away fro  the manufactures warranty and had another year through best buy extended warranty.

…  ANYWAY…with the old player, I used the Music IP Mixer to add songs from my musoc Library to the C-250 using my WINAMP player,(I hate Windows media player,and took it off my computer)  I had no problems at all.

  This 2GB Fuze has a expansion SD slot like my other one did, and after I charged the device up, I inserted the SD card and tried to play some songs,but the Fuze LCD window ststed there were “NO SONGS”!

Do I have to delete the data on the mini SD flash card and reload new content onto this new player?  or do you think this FUZE does not work with WINAMP?

Why did you post this on the e200 board? You’ve already posted it on the Fuze board where it belongs.