Music IPMixer Library for Fuze Players? I used with my old C-250

I had a 2GB C-250 andnthe LCD window somehow got damaged, and I pleaded with Sandisk to replace this device since it has about a month away fro  the manufactures warranty and had another year through best buy extended warranty. They do not cover physical damage.

With the old Sansa C-250 player, I used the Music IP Mixer to add songs from my music Library to the C-250 using my WINAMP player and had no problems at all.

This 2GB Fuze has a expansion SD slot like my C-250, and after I charged the FUZE up, I inserted the SD card from the old C-250 and tried to play some songs,but the Fuze LCD window stated there were “NO SONGS”!

Do I have to either delete the data on the mini SD flash card and reload new content to play onto this new player?  Or do I have to just go buy another SD Micro and re-load songs? I wonder why they are not interchangeble. 

   Is there a Storage Limit on this 2GB FUZE device on how many extra GB’s I can use? I thought some had a limit.   Thank you!

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