Can I have both versions of SMC installed?


I am having trouble installing BOTH versions of SMC (4.256 and 4.263).  I currently have the .256 version installed and when I run the updater with the fuze+ plugged in, it updates that version to the .263 version.  According to this board, both versions are necessary to have as the .263 version only works for fuze and fuze+ while the .256 works for everything else.  I need the 4.256 version for my e280r and c250 and also the 4.263 version for my wife’s fuze+.

I am aware of such programs as video4fuze and anyvideoconverter, however I would like to stick with SMC as I find it easy to use and have never had a problem with it.

I am currently running a PC with WIndows 7 and have updated the firmwares on all my devices.  Thanks for the help.


The latest version is reverse compatible, SMC 4.263 does work with the e200 series.  I updated the SMC for the new Fuze+ and it works fine for the earlier Sansas.  The only way to have both versions would be if you have a “portable version” of the earlier SMC available on the PC.

I liked the cropping tool of the 4.236 SMC (the blue-background version)  for the e200.

You should be fine with the latest version for both devices.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: