SMC not working

I downloaded SMC from the Sansa website, but after I have plugged my fuze in and opened up SMC and load files into it, the “convert” button is still grey.

SMC have several bug in it that ■■■■, for video converting use AVC, just convert it to MP4, it looks great on the View. For Music and photos i just use WMP, even WMP has a photo converter,

The geniuses at SanDisk are not posting the correct SMC version on the main site-the latest version  is here: . I have contacted tech support, as this version has beeen  out since mid June, but they are still linking to version 4.220 on the main site. Uninstall 4.220 and install this version; it worked for me immediately.

Message Edited by galion on 07-15-2008 08:00 AM