How Can I Get SMC?

I got my wife a Fuze for xmas. 

I need to convert a avi file for her. 

I installed the updater but it can’t find the SMC. 

Either it hangs forever “Sansa Updater is currently checking for updates”

Or “Update Service is not available”.

The link in the sticky to download the SMC is broken (404).

Is there another link somewhere?



Get video4fuze.

It’s better.

And uninstall the Updater–there won’t be any more updates. Download the most recent firmware for the fuze–see in Info if her Fuze takes 1.x or 2.x–from the All Regions link of the firmware update thread.

Unzip it and drag fuzea.bin onto the driveletter of the Fuze. Disconnect, let it update, you’re done.