sansa updater-->checking for updates--->sits there

I am trying to get sansa media converter for my 8GB fuze.

The onyl way to get it is through Sansa Updater.

I have installed it, connected my fuze, it has ben stuck at checking for updates for 40 minutes. I cannot get it to give me the SMC download.

I have tried restarting my computer, disconnecting and reconnecting my fuze, and everything. still sits there for a long time at “checking for updates” !

Is the update server down or overloaded?

What is wrong here?

Try Video4fuze instead.:smiley:

It could be your firewall settings. It may not be allowing connection to the SanDisk server.

Personally, I had to right-click > Run as administrator to get the Sansa Updater to not get stuck at checking for updates. Perhaps give that a try.